The story

Burke Industrial Coatings Co. was established in USA on 1948 as one of the leading companies in the industrial and antimicrobial field. Its products stood out quality wise, which segued into innovation and continuous growth. Product line such as Silver Bullet Stainless Steel gained approval from USA regulatory bodies like the FDA and the state fire department which cements the products potency in resisting & inhibiting bacteria growth over substrates and product safety for internal use due to being chemical tolerant and non-flammable, without exuding toxic gasses. It is environmentally friendly and is suitable for internal & external use under harsh circumstances (-40 to 140 °C). Fundamentally, it is economic and cuts cost of raw material overhead as well as maintenance rounds since BIC is water-based with longevity and sufficient to cover terrains up to 60 m2 per gallon.


We provide our customers with environmentally safe and worker-friendly systems that perform in the most demanding environments. Our technology is centered around water-based, ultra-high-performance products utilizing 316L stainless steel flakes embedded within the engineered coating system, resulting in the performance characteristics of stainless steel without the cost.

In short

  • Act as an extra line of defense
  • Provides complementary strategy for maintaining hygiene .
  • Reduce the risk of infected surfaces acting as a reservoir for transmission to food and humans.
  • Provide life time protection against rust/corrosion
  • Proved its worth worldwide in hospitals ,labs, HVAC, foods, plants, and air handling equipment’s


  • Germs growth stops/significantly reduced.
  • Less labor and less frequency of repainting.
  • Chemical cost reduction



Primer for Covering Oil and Grease Contaminated Metal – Prime Solution 5250 5253

Prime Solution 5250 is unique in its ability to adhere to metal surfaces with slight contamination of oils or greases. 5250 is a water-based, low VOC, single package, rust inhibitive acrylic primer.

Aliphatic Amine Curing Agent is the Universal Curing Agent 16-Cure

Aliphatic Amine Curing Agent is the universal curing agent used for all Burke Epoxy products, primers and topcoats. It is unique in the fact that it can chemically react multiple times with each reactive group on the epoxy chain giving Burke primers and topcoats substantially better adhesion and performance characteristics than a normal epoxy product.

Metal and Concrete Water-Based Epoxy Primer Zinc Free – Corro Guard Primer

Corro Guard Primer is a heavy-duty water-based epoxy primer that can be used on metal or concrete where maximum long-term protection is desired. It’s a zinc-free, chip-resistant formula with an improved shelf life. The VOC is under 100 g/l to comply with stricter VOC standards. This Primer is also HAPS free.

Antimicrobial Epoxy Coating System Protect Against Bacteria Mold Fungi Silver Bullet AM™

Silver Bullet AM™ is an antimicrobial coating that is used on surfaces to help protect them from retaining mold, algae fungi and another virus such as E. coli. This coating system is ideal for areas where severe chemical washing occurs, such as handrails, restrooms, food services, hospitals, HVAC as well as commercial door handles. Silver’s stable ion exchange process represents a significant improvement over standard organic antimicrobials that dissipate rapidly.

Gloss Stainless Steel Antimicrobial Epoxy Paint – Resist 650 Strains of Bacteria Silver Bullet AM 316™

Stainless Steel heavy-duty, extremely chemical resistant epoxy coating designed for maximum performance in severe environments. It contains a bactericide to protect against 650 strains of bacteria and a fungicide to protect against mold, mildew, and algae.