Our Story

Based in Barcelona, Barnerwas founded in early 2017 by two friends. After living their lives totally immersed in the digital world, they had identified a problem that was not only affecting them, but millions of people all around the globe: overexposure to harmful blue light.

As hard workers and technology lovers, their eyes couldn’t withstand the long hours spent every day in front of screens. They wanted to find a solution that would protect their eyes and improve their quality of life without sacrificing their style. After realizing that current solutions on the market weren’t good enough, they decided to create their own.

The Good Life is Welcome

Barner is named after Barcelona, or “Barna”, to the locals.

“Barners” is our way of referring to all the people that, in one way or another, are connected to Barcelona. Not because they live there, but because they live the Barcelona lifestyle wherever they are.

A Barner is someone who is full of positivity, energy, and an appreciation of the beautiful world around them; someone who lives the good life.

Are you ready to become one?

The Product

At Barner, we offer products that enhance and improve your digital life.

We develop each one of our products with the highest standards of quality. Our focus on innovation, design, and comfort gives our glasses the functionality and style that you need in the digital age.

We love what we do, and we love building products for you.


Le Marais is one of the oldest districts of Paris and is known for its trendy boutiques, charming restaurants, and galleries and museums rich with history. This French neighborhood full of color and culture was our inspiration for these frames.

With a rounded shape and keyhole bridge, these frames give you the vintage sophistication of this beautiful Parisian district.


Once a small farming village to the north of London, Dalston is now an urban, dynamic neighborhood known for its eccentric entertainment venues. Dalston’s lively population, diverse architecture, and history of being a hub for art and music inspired these quirky frames.

With a wide keyhole bridge and a more rectangular shape, these “geeky” frames are reminiscent of this unique neighborhood.


If it’s all about tradition meeting modernity, Chamberi is the place to be. This charming, popular district of Madrid balances its extensive history with urbanization, creating a neighborhood that seamlessly intertwines architecture, technology, art, and music.

Just like Chamberi, these old-school frames got a modern update, with the top of the frame slightly flattened and a smooth bridge; perfect for those looking for a little bit of flair.